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St. Louis Rockwood All-Natural Lump Charcoal - 20 lb. Bag

Rockwood Lump Charcoal is made exclusively from premium Missouri hardwoods like maple, hickory, and oak. This lump charcoal lights fast, burns hot, and burns clean. Rockwood is aged, kilned, and cooled at ideal temperatures and times to maximize quality, temperature control and consistency during cooking. They even go to great lengths to handle the lump charcoal properly during stacking to ensure that the largest pieces remain intact.

These 20lb bags of lump charcoal are 100% natural and are made from hardwood left over from milling operations in the Mark Twain National Forest and Ozark Mountains. So everything from the gathering of wood, that would otherwise be wasted, to the kilning process to packaging is done in Missouri. Rockwood takes pride in keeping the production process of their lump charcoal as green as possible avoiding the use of pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, binders, or fillers all the way down to the bag it is packaged in. Made from renewable resources.

- 20lb bag.

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