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Blue Henry Dried Lime Slices

Make professional-looking, handcrafted drinks that wow customers using Blue Henry's 3 oz. dried lime slices! Made using 100% real lime straight from Capitol Heights, Maryland, these fruit slices are just what you need to add a kick of fruity essence to your beverages! Sliced thin at peak ripeness, this product is dehydrated to preserve the look of the fruit, its flavor, and smell until you are ready to re-hydrate it in your signature recipes. For your convenience, they come in a resealable package to maximize freshness and maintain their quality. Without any sulfates, additives, or artificial ingredients, this product is sure to be a fan-favorite among customers at your bar, lounge, restaurant, or cafe!

The best thing about these fruit slices is how versatile they are! Great to use for garnishing cocktails, serve them as a finisher on top of rum cocktails, vodka sours, or as a garnish on mid-day mimosas. For a pop of color in your popular, trendy mocktails, add a slice to create elevated visual presentations that draw attention and increase impulse sales! This product even helps to enhance mocktails by adding a beautiful pop of color! Pair these lime slices with lemonade, tea, or Italian soda for a refreshing drink that everyone can enjoy. This product also goes great as decoration on desserts such as cheesecake, pie, cakes, cupcakes, and tarts. They even work well as decor on charcuterie boards! No matter how you choose to use them, these fruit slices are a great ingredient to keep stocked in your bustling kitchen.
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