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Cuisinart Countertop Double Burner

Having a double burner will make camping trips easy and thanks to the Cuisinart Countertop Dou ble Burner, you’re all set. This sleek dual electric burner made by Cuisinart contains 1800 watts power for all your cooking needs. The heavy duty cast iron burners each feature their own wattage system with the large burner containing 1300 watts, and small burner with 500. The Cuisinart Countertop Double Burner has a flat top surface without coils and can work with any style of cookware from Teflon to copper. Ready and On indicator lights notify you when the burners are in full function and have reached the desired heat level for cooking your favorite meals. Dual temperature control knobs come with 6 functions: Off, Min (minimum heat – ideal for keeping food warm, and 1 through 5. Perfect for storing in your RV or using within your dorm, the Cuisinart Countertop Double Burner is a great appliance for anywhere cooking.

Brushed stainless steel housing

1800 watt power system (1300 large burner, 500 small burner)

Heavy duty flat top cast iron cook top plates

‘On’ and ‘Ready’ indicator lights 6 setting temperature control knob (Off, Min, 1-5)

Non-slip rubber feet add secure grip when cooking

Limited 1 year product warranty

Dimensions: 5.8” x 22.5” x 15.2”

Product weight: 12.6 lbs

Made in China

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