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Elk Jerky/ Meat Stick 1 oz

Teriyaki Elk Sticks

Snacking should be fun, so why not try Elk meat? Elk meat is low in fat, high in protein, and delivers a rich teriyaki flavor. These elk snack sticks are perfect for all occasions and will satisfy any lifestyle.

These Teriyaki Elk sticks were created just for you - athletes, adventurers, and parents - living busy lifestyles and trying to get high-quality protein from sources they trust.

This Elk stick is one of the best sellers!. Some of the ingredients of this tasty treat include elk, pork, water, salt, brown sugar, non-fat dairy milk, and more.

Elk Sticks - Sourced responsibly from the wilderness of Minnesota in the United States of America.

Get wild and get weird with teriyaki beef jerky sticks. Sink your teeth into these delicious elk sticks today!

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