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Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer

Dual function thermometer features stainless-steel probe to measure the internal temperature of meat and a sensor to track oven temperature. Large face features cooking chart for veal, pork, beef, lamb and poultry and is easy to read through the oven door. Easily roast meat and bake a casserole at the same time and save energy.

-Silicone comfort grip is heat-resistant up to 650°F
-Dual functioning thermometers offer both oven and meat temperatures
-Dishwasher safe
-USDA cooking chart printed directly on thermometer face
-Meat thermometer range: 120°F to 200°F(49°C to 93°C)
-Oven thermometer range: 150°F to 550°F (66°C to 288°C

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