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Barkeepers Cookware Cleanser

BKF Cookware Cleanser was specifically created to remove tenacious cooked-on, baked-on residues from both metal and glass cookware. It is the best option for keeping your pots and pans looking like new. After all, a good pot or pan is built to last a lifetime. BKF Cookware is a must for those who hang their pots and pans in the kitchen. Its ability to remove tarnish from stainless steel is unsurpassed. BKF Cookware Cleanser contains 50% more surfactants than our classic BKF Cleanser & Polish. This allows you to remove food-based residues and metal tarnish from your cookware using less elbow grease; and the added surfactant makes rinsing faster.

BKF in the Kitchen:

Stainless Steel pots and pans

Glass casserole dishes

Baking sheets

Oven door interior (don’t apply anywhere you can’t rinse well)

BKF Outdoors:

Stainless steel grills

Grill tools

Camping cookware

Where NOT to use BKF

Non-stick cookware or bakeware

Gold or Silver (Sterling silver is OK)

Polished stone, such a marble or granite

Lacquered, painted, or mirrored surfaces.

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