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Best Manufacturers 12in Standard French Wire Whisk

Best Manufacturers 12" Standard French Wire Whisk

The professional standard for the home cook, Best Wire Whips are made by craftsmen in Portland, Oregon.

Each whip is handcrafted for optimum stirring, mixing and blending, achieved through a unique wire design. Each whip shares the identical attention of wire spacing, radius curve and overall length to match every cooking need and preference.

Whips are weighted for dynamic mixing control and comfort. Wire length is sized in concert with handle balance and grip dimension to give the cook a feel for the effortlessness and efficiency of the task.

Best Whips offer to home cooks the same commercial quality tools used by America's finest chefs. The Best Standard French Whip fulfills a serious cook's requirements for the right fit with each mixing bowl or saucepan and the perfect weight and size for each mixture.

Stainless Steel wires and 7/8-ich diameter chrome plated handle are designed for commercial stovetop conditions.

The handle is completely sealed with epoxy to eliminate any area where food may lodge and water may enter, making it more sanitary and easy-to-clean. NSF approved.

Dishwasher Safe.
12-inch length.
Best Manufacturers style #1220

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