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Bormioli Rocco 0.348 L Fido Jar

The Fido Jar's vintage design has been around forever, and with good reason. Glass is the perfect material for food storage because it is non-porous, so it can't harbor bacteria, take on odors, flavors or stains. Glass is easily sanitized, and you don't have to open it to look inside. The metal clamp closure with a food-safe rubberized gasket is easy to use, and seals airtight. They are one of our favorite choices for pantry, cabinet and countertop food storage, and a must-have for homemade jams, preserves and pickling. Fido jars come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of uses in the kitchen, office, crafting room, garage or workshop. The rubberized gaskets are replaceable and easily removable, making the Fido Jar dishwasher safe, and a great choice for years to come.

Versatile food storage for the pantry, refrigerator or display

Available in a wide range of sizes

Wide mouth opening is easy to fill and wash

Locking lid clamps down to an airtight seal

Easy to open metal clamp

Odor proof and stain proof

Vintage design

Remove gasket for use in dishwasher

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