SKU: 41381

Breeo 24" Kettle Hook

NEWfrom Breeo, the Kettle Hook is an exciting tool that allows you to LEVEL UP your outdoor cooking skills!

The Breeo Kettle Hook was designed with functionality in mind. A simple, ergonomic design that focuses on the essentials, the Kettle Hook is very easy to use.

Adjusting up & down, and side to side using our grill post system, the Kettle Hook gives you ultimate cooking flexibility. Used in conjunction with the Breeo Grill or by itself, the Kettle Hook allows you to cook using dutch ovens or pots. It even allows you to cook big, heavy pieces of meat such as Leg of Lamb!

The ultimate addition to your fire cooking collection, the Kettle Hook will turn some heads at your next outdoor cookout!

For use with the X Series 24", Double Flame 24", & Zentro Fire Pits. Requires Outpost Grill Post.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Height
  • Made in America