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Casserole Carrier Thermal Red

The insulated casserole and cake carrier features an insulated lining to keep foods warm or cold while in transit. Great for potlucks, buffets & more. Made of durable, easy-clean fabric on the outside with an insulated liner. A full zipper closure maintains food temperature, and a comfortable handle makes toting a breeze.

  • Insulated Casserole Carrier is 3.25" tall x 15.5"long and 9.25" wide
  • Fits most standard 9"x13" casserole and cake pans, even those with lids
  • Perfect for carrying foods to picnics, buffets, potlucks and more
  • Wipe-clean fabric shell with insulated vinyl liner
  • Flexible sides stores flat

KA & F Group style # BI-CC-RF

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