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Cheddar & Bacon Baked Dip Mix

Gourmet du Village's® Cheddar & Bacon Baked Dip Mix has a smooth, creamy, Cheddar taste with Smokey Bacon flavor. Fresh from the oven, the richest, tastiest dips ever! Ready to enjoy with a crusty artisan bread or crackers. Enjoy like a cheese fondue! Share with family and friends, the perfect appetizer but satisfying enough to enjoy as a meal in itself.

Gourmet du Village Dips are prepared with the finest ingredients, natural blends of Herbs & Spices, along with dried vegetables and tangy cheeses. You provide the kitchen basics, Gourmet du Village provides the taste - which will bring your family and guests coming back for more and asking for your recipe!

Makes 2.5 cups
Net weight: 0.8 oz.
Allergens: Milk, Soy

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