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Chiostro Di Saronno Almond Cookies Vintage Truck Gift Tin 100 g

Chiostro di Saronno crunchy amaretti cookies come in a beautiful Christmas-themed truck tin packaging filled with crisp gluten-free biscuits that boast balanced sweetness in each bite. The tin is inspired by Chiostro di Saronno’s long history and is filled with Italy’s favorite traditional biscuits!

Amaretti cookies are one of Italy’s traditional treats that were supposedly invented during the late Renaissance period, in the mid 17th century. Named after the Italian “amaro,” meaning bitter in reference to the bitter almonds or apricot kernels they contain, amaretti cookies can vary from soft to crispy. Soft amaretti, also known as Amaretti Morbidi and crunchy Amaretti di Saronno cookies, are naturally gluten-free biscuits that mainly consist of almond or apricot kernel flour, egg whites, and sugar. Traditional crunchy amaretti cookies were originally born in Sarono, a town of Lombardy. With their signature bitter, sweet, and nutty flavor, these authentic Italian delights and a wide variety of other Italian classics, including Baci di Dama, ladyfingers, Cantuccini, and more can be found in our wide selection of Italian cookies!

Chiostro di Saronno is an Italian family-owned brand established in 1927 in the beautiful city of Saronno, the birthplace of Amaretti biscuits. The brand specializes in producing some of the best Italian cookies and pastries made according to original recipes, using only the highest quality ingredients. With a wide assortment of regional cookies from Tuscany (Cantuccini), Lombardy (Amaretti), Liguria (Canestrelli), and Piedmont (Baci di Dama), Chiostro di Saronno provides its customers with all the classic flavors, most of which can be found in our online Italian food store along with many other authentic Italian products.

Amaretti Del Chiostro Crunchy Cookies are brought to you in a premium tin packaging, where each wheel can move, making them ideal for not only gifting but also putting it on the Christmas table or a shelf for traditional Italian decor.

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