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Belgian Beer Filled Chocolate Bottles

Give the beer and chocolate lovers on your list a taste of what they love—plus a taste of a Belgian beer-drinking tradition. These chocolate bottles are filled with Belgian craft beers—Traditional Blond, Fruit, Kriek, Goldenblond, Amber Belge, Flanders Red Brown—and come packaged in a wooden crate. Beer drinkers in Belgium stock similar crates at home filled with 16 bottles of beer—when the crate is empty, it's back to the store to refill it with more tasty Belgian brews. While our crate isn't refillable, we'd recommend buying more than one to have on hand for those special occasions.

Authentic Belgian wood beer crate
Belgian chocolate "beer" bottles
Bottles are lined with a sugar crust
Filled with six varieties of Belgian ales: Blond, Fruit, Kriek, Goldenblond, Amber Belge, and Flanders Red Brown

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