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Cole & Mason Tap Acrylic Salt Mill and Pepper Mill Set

Cole and Mason, the leading brand of salt and pepper mills worldwide, is synonymous with innovative design, product performance, and quality.

The mechanisms are fully adjustable so they deliver freshly ground pepper or sea salt in fine to coarse grinds. All mechanisms have a lifetime guarantee. The pepper mechanism strips the peppercorns to break them into smaller pieces so that flavor is slowly released onto food, rather than crushing the corns and squeezing out the pepperin oils, whereby releasing the flavor very quickly into the atmosphere.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for the pepper mill as it will not corrode and can be made very sharp, giving improved variability of grind.

The standard salt mechanism has a unique anti-static, clog-free design and is molded for high precision with sharp grinding teeth. Nylon is used due to its hard wearing characteristics. Being non-porous, it does not absorb odors and is therefore suitable for salt.

Cole and Mason Style # H63018P

4.5" tall

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