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Dexter-Russell Oyster Knife 2.75 in

If you love oysters you'll have to have an oyster knife. Prying at oyster shells with scissors, knives or screwdrivers is not only frustrating but dangerous. Use this oyster knife and you'll see and feel the difference. The blade is made of high quality carbon steel and it has an attractive and durable beechwood handle. Handle has an ergonomic shape; handle has a specific shape that allows one to apply pressure on oyster shell without straining one's hand or wrist. By Dexter-Russell. In combination with high grade materials, innovation and highly skilled craftsmen, Dexter-Russell makes tools and cutlery that will last, durable tools and cutlery designed, built, and tested to be people friendly and kitchen tough. The complete array of professional cutlery, tools, and accessories provides consistent, time-tested performance in the kitchen. The dexter edge, the right knives and tools since 1818.
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