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Fox Run Butter Warmer Set

Fox Run Butter and Sauce Warming Cups Prepare and Serve Ceramic Dish Set of 2. Butter Warmers: For Butter & Delicate Sauces Keep butter and delicate sauces in their prime condition when serving seafood, vegetables or fondue. This butter warmer set boasts a classic design that will look wonderful in the middle of any dining table. Ideal for serving melted butter with artichokes, lobster and other seafood, these butter warmers feature a classic white ceramic dish with a stainless steel body that holds the tealight up and away from your table. Ceramic is the material of choice for over-the-candle warming because it holds in the heat without letting the flame burn your butter or damage the delicate texture of your sauce. Set of 2. Enjoy crab, lobster or scallops with utmost convenience. Butter warmer holds a tealight up and away from your table (tealight for each included).

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