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Himalayan Salt Grilling Slab

This all natural, FDA approved slab of Himalayan salt is the perfect way to season your food while you cook. Preheat on the grill and cook food right on top for moist, flavorful results. You can also chill the block to use as a serving dish for cold appetizers. When you are done, simply allow the block to cool, wipe with a moist cloth, scrape any areas with food clean, dry, and store in a cool, dry place. Color may change during use- this is normal. Imported from Pakistan.
  • Made from gourmet, hand carved Himalayan salt
  • FDA approved and all natural
  • Dimensions 8"x 8"x 1"
  • Use on your grill to naturally add flavor to your cooking
  • Chill to use as a serving dish for cold appetizers
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