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Imperia Pasta Machine

You can enjoy the satisfaction of making fresh pasta in the comfort of your own home with this Cucina Pro Imperia Home Pasta Machine and put a fresh healthy meal on the dinner table whenever you choose!

The Cucina Pro Imperia Home Pasta Machine includes a double cutter for spaghetti and fettuccini.


  • 6" wide dough roller unit for rolling and kneading
  • Removable double cutter head --2mm spaghetti(1/16")--6.5 mm fettucine(1/4")
  • Easy lock dough roller adjustment dial
  • Fancy wood grip handle
  • Chrome Plated Steel
  • One Year Warranty

This CucinaPro Imperia Home Pasta Machine 150 is the same as the previous Villaware Imperia Pasta Machine V150.

Cucina Pro #150

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