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Libbey 19.25oz Dimple Stein Beer Mug

Make every day Oktoberfest with the help of this Libbey Dimple Stein Beer Mug.

A Libbey glass is a glass you can trust. This 19 1/4-ounce mug is big enough to satisfy even the mightiest thirst and the dimpled design makes for a stylish addition to any glassware cabinet. The large handle makes this glass easy to hold and keeps your hands away from your beer.

This beer mug (or seidel in German) is perfect for serving up German beers as well as for Czech-style pilsners. The sturdy design is great for toasting. Prost!

Sometimes, a pint just isn’t enough. Be ready for whatever your thirst throws your way with the help of this Dimple Stein Beer Mug.

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