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Paderno Offset Pizza Scissors

Paderno Offset Pizza Scissors, Stainless Steel

With an outward appearance only Picasso could love, the Paderno Offset Pizza Scissors--with stainless-steel blades--are designed to chomp through the thickest of pizza crusts with ease. The offset design offers a mechanical advantage over traditional pizza wheels, which use an uncomfortable upper-arm pressure to "saw" through pizza crust.

These 10" Paderno Offset Pizza Scissors make cutting through a pizza pie as easy as cutting a scrap of paper.

Paderno Offset Pizza Scissors Features:

  • Offset pizza shears provide a mechanical advantage over traditional pizza wheels
  • Incorporates an ergonomic, natural arm motion to cut through the thickest of pizzas with ease
  • Stainless-steel blades
  • Shears measure 10" in length

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