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Progressive Collapsible Cupcake/Cake Carrier

Easily transport tasty treats to any party! The Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier holds up to 24 cupcakes, a 10” layer round or 9” square cake.

  • Cupcake trays feature deep holes for cupcakes so they won’t tip over while transporting and finger recesses for easy removal without getting hands messy.
  • Remove cupcake trays from the cake carrier to reveal the flat base with built in slicing guide for serving layer cake.
  • Cupcake trays fold up and nest inside the cake carrier, which collapses to 1/3 its original height for easy storage.
  • Tiered cupcake tray is extra tall to allow for heaps of decorative frosting
  • Remove trays to accommodate layered-round and square cakes.
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