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Smith's Edgeware Straight Edge Pull-Through Knife Sharpener

Introducing Edgeware™, the new premier brand for razor sharp edges. Whether it is the full line of manual and electric sharpners or the all new Mandolin Slicer, Edgeware™ products offer the sharpest edges possible at a great value.Edgeware™ products are specifically designed for home cooks, cooking enthusiast and professional chefs looking for the sharpest edges available to produce gourmet style meals. The art of the edge is the skillful production of razor sharp edges. It is an art that has been honed and perfected for over 124 years by Smith, "The Edge Experts." Smith the world leader in the design and manufacture of a full line of knife, scissors, and tool sharpeners and Edge Care™ products.  The Diamond Elite Santoku, Standard and Serrated Pull Thru knife sharpener is the most versatile of all the Edgeware™ Pull Thrus. It offers two stages, coarse and fine , for sharpening both Straight / Serrated knives as well as two stages for Santoku double beveled knives. The coarse sharpening slots feature preset diamond rods that quickly sharpen the knife at the correct angle every time. Ceramic stones provide the finest of sharpening to finish the knifes edge.Features include: Straight Edge Blades: Yes Serrated Edge Blades: Yes (Ceramic Slot Only) Provides Proper Sharpening Angle Every Time Reversible and Replaceable Diamond and Ceramic Stones Easy to slide plastic cover ensures proper sharpening stage selection Soft Grip Handle for Comfort and Control Non-Slip Rubber Base for Safety

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