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Twinings English Breakfast Tea, 20 count

Twinings of London - Classics English Breakfast Tea - 20 Tea Bags (30g)

Twinings of London Classics English Breakfast Tea was originally blended to complement the traditional, hearty English Breakfast, from which its name derives. The refreshing and invigorating flavour makes English Breakfast one of the most popular black teas to drink at any time or occasion, not just for breakfast. English Breakfast can be enjoyed with or without milk, sweetened or unsweetenedthe choice is yours.

Regions & Growing A tea's taste is greatly affected by its surroundings, including soil, altitude, weather and other geographic characteristics. Depending on the climate, certain regions of the world produce more tea than others. Today, China and India produce nearly half the world's tea leavesmore than 100,000 tons each year. Other countries, including Kenya, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Belarus also produce high quality teas.

Medium flavor strength

Individually wrapped

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