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Whip-it! Cream Whipper - White

The Whip-It! Cream Whipper is considered the highest quality whipped cream dispenser in the market by professionals and experts. Cream Whippers are a sophisticated, yet suprisingly easy method of creating perfectly flavored whipped creams, mousses, sauces, foams and a varitey of dessert toppings

Simply add fresh whipping cream, powdered sugar to taste, insert chargers, shake the dispenser for thirty seconds and you'll have delicious, fresh whipped cream. You'll have fluffy whipped cream for up to two weeks (refrigerated) without the use of preservatives or stabilizers. You can make upscale whipped cream, desserts, and sauces faster and easier than ever before, all at the touch of a button. 
  • Both the head and the bottle of the cream dispenser are made out of anodized aluminum without being welded
  • Unlike welded steel bottles, this one will not oxidize
  • Includes the flower tip, straight tip and cartridge holder

United Brands # SVPRO-07

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